1. 20:54 19th Jan 2014

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    what girls look for in boys!!!



    - blue eyes
    - white dragon

    So basically my eyes and my dick

  2. 21:00 20th Apr 2013

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    u always hear “how long is ur dick” but u never hear “how deep is ur vagina”.  we must fight for womens rights

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  3. 21:09 20th Mar 2013

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    I am dying. Either this is a hack or a marketing early April Fools joke by AE, but I can’t even.

  5. Who’s ready for the Beyonce concert tonight?

    I know I am!

  6. 19:05 28th Jan 2013

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    Sometimes I’m just like

    wow I’m so whiny

    wow I’m so stupid

    wow I’m weird

    but then I’m like

    fuck it I’m amazing

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    “no homo,” i whisper, pulling back from the microscope in front of me. the gene is heterozygous. i am a scientist

  8. 19:47 26th Jan 2013

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    So like everyone is going to party and I’m just sitting here like

    what’s next on netflix

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